One thought on “Testimonials

  1. The Overseas School of Colombo had the pleasure of having Mr. Gareth Jacobson @GarethJacobson conducting a Google apps workshop and looking at best practices. My professional goal this year is to create a “blog” that will showcase “best practices” in PYP at OSC and in turn enable us to connect with other international schools globally and discover their “best practice” in the same area. Gareth touched upon the importance of “A learner centered curriculum, the pedagogical purposes for using technology are more important than the technology itself”.

    Through his workshop what made me realize most was that you always have to ask yourself “the purpose of using a specific tool” he made us understand the benefit of a specific tool rather than using the tool just because it is available. For example the app “Explain everything” could be used not just within the mini inquiries in your units but also to create math word problems. One such example as a follow up activity from his session was when one of my students used this app to create her own subtraction word problem. She then shared it with the rest of her class. I’ve realized that an app could be multi disciple rather than used for one specific task. All in all what a plethora of strategies gained from his workshop. The best part was they were all doable with our students.

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