Thought of the day… “What I learned vs What I heard”

In the quest for deep thinking and understanding there is a time, place and space for the different modalities of learning. A classic example, being able to recognise the features of a paragraph and being able to write a paragraph. Each have their time and place, however. In my experience I have seen a fair percentage of educators misinterpret knowledge for understanding. And it makes me think, learning reinforces the importance of recall over understanding.

I therefore feel fortunate to work with a concept driven curriculum that through inquiry creates possibilities for deep thinking and understanding to emerge. Through the gradual release of responsibility a synergy can be formed between teacher and student. Used wisely, in a community of learning environment, the conceptual approach to teaching and learning can certainly reduce the work of the teacher; by how much depends on the individual. But, whatever percentage is achieved, the equal and opposite reaction will be freed up time to learn from the people you teach. Work < Learn!


One thought on “Thought of the day… “What I learned vs What I heard”

  1. My colleagues and I were just discussing your point today. We are trying to better understand our students’ understanding and ability to write a paragraph and how their ability to do so changes over time. Our discussion today was how my second graders leave me with a pretty solid grasp of paragraphs and are able to write them in a research paper with support. As the kids get older and their writing becomes more sophisticated, they need to relearn paragraphing again and again. Our thinking is that they do not lose the skill but they are applying it in a more advanced way.

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