Trying on the thinking hats in G2


Last week was a great week for thinking in G2, as we moved deeper into our unit of inquiry about the effect peoples needs and wants have upon the growth of a city. The thing I like about thinking hats are their flexibility and application to a wide variety of learning situations. They are also pretty simple for younger students to grasp the conceptual idea. We used the green hat for PSE circle time to explore new ideas for helping students respect each others property. The black and yellow made an appearance when we reviewed writing samples for developing criteria for a student rubric on recount writing. In another learning engagement the blue and black hats were used as a filter to evaluate our research findings during a UOI engagement. Students decided whether their facts could be added to the timeline about the growth of cities,  by matching the criteria developed about peoples needs and wants in a previous session.

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It has been a priveledge to watch the thinking of young minds at work, particularly after just viewing an animated presentation by Ken Robinson. During his presentation Ken   pertinently makes the point that conditioning stiffles our natural divergent thinking abilities. I think through my own schooling I fell victim to this phenomena, which makes me more determined not to replicate how  I was taught through my own teaching. The value of thinking needs to be nurtured through every possible opportunity, because teaching students’ how to think is definitely a symbiotic process. How often do young children open up our minds to new possibilities and solutions to problems?

Do you have a personal recollection of original or profound student thinking to share?


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