Tools for making thinking visible

I came across this link through twitter (thanks to whatedsaid) and was inspired by the increasing easy access to quality learning tools that are available on the web. Some of the tools I am familiar with, but others not. In addition to being great assessment strategies, one thing that all these tools have in common is they increase the repertoire of ways we can motivate students to make their thinking visible.

New assessments

by Stephen Davis


4 thoughts on “Tools for making thinking visible

  1. Gareth,

    Thank you for linking to my Prezi on “New Assessments for Your Old Toolbox”! I am delighted to know that my Prezi helped in some way! I really appreciate it!

    FYI, my Twitter handle is @rushtheiceberg and my website is

    Very nice blog – keep it up! (I’m really interested in the Thinking Hats….

    Thank you again!

    Stephen Davis

    • Hi Supriyaa, thanks for your comment. I think one of the best ways to start using the thinking hats is to jump in, have a go and reflect on how it went. First, I would recommend you become familiar with the definitions behind the hats and then find an opportunity to introduce them. Try using just on or two to start with, eg. use the yellow and black hat together to look at positives and negatives (although it is important not to always link the black hat with negatives). The green hat can be used with brainstorming activities that involve new ideas. Red hat could be used to get emotional responses to controversial / thought provoking photos, statements or videos.
      Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.

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