The tuning in wall…

Hers’s something we have been trying out as part of our “tuning in” sessions to a unit of inquiry exploring the central idea: “peoples needs and wants determine how a city develops and grows.” We wanted the students to connect their thinking with the different systems that serve to maintain and extend a city. After a number of tuning in engagements the students got to post their thinking on wallwisher in response to one of our guiding questions – what connects people in a city?

The posts on the wall show students are beginning to think at a conceptual level, some are getting there… others are impulsive (the elusive “acer”)… and a few reclusive late starters are not quite ready to post their thoughts yet!

Grade 2 Wallwisher – what connects people in a city?

As well as been highly motivating for the kids and expedient for teachers, a wall provides solid evidence of students thinking that can be easily accessed by all. And even embedded into a PYP planner as assessment evidence – don’t you just love 21st century learning.


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